Portrait Photography

Something about people really captivates me. Their actions, faces, movement, everything is just so interesting. So here’s a quick post of the photo I took couple days ago of my fiancée.

I really like how this photo turned out. The lighting, the expression on her face, and that reflection in her eye. Those small details really bring out the mood in the photo.

Neon lights are my favourite thing to shoot with. Neon signs, neon lights, they just give that Blade Runner-vibe. Love them!

And I did all this in my home! I’ll tell you a secret… That background is just my TV with a neon sign wallpaper 👌🏻 You didn’t know that did you? That is a neat trick to try out! I shot this on my Canon EOS 200D.

Anyway, this was just a quick post on my most recent portrait photo. Hope you enjoy my work, and if you do, be sure to click that like button! 😊

Thank you for reading! I’ll be seeing you in my next post! ✌🏻

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